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History of The Nerdtalkalypse Podcast:

February 2016 – DeeJ Penhollow and Layne Stipe set out to start a podcast! They already spent hours talking to each other on the phone about the latest superhero gossip and what was happening in the GEEK REALM, so one day they decided to RECORD IT and put it out on the airwaves of the Internet, THUS Nerdtalkalypse Podcast was born. Two years and 6 months later we are here A NETWORK that can be ever growing! check out the full back catalog of our show and experience the journey for yourself.

History of The Fandom Vibe – An All Nerd News Podcast:

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Sometimes life gets in the way of regularity and in 2018 the Nerdtalkalypse Podcast got hit with a hard dose of reality, the shows became very irregular we lost some listeners and the news stories were getting OLD  by the time we’d get to them they were OLD news.  So amongst these life changes a new idea was born ‘The Fandom Vibe’ a sometimes twice a week/ once a week podcast dedicated to keeping the listener base up to date with current news ALWAYS. and that the Nerdtalkalypse Podcast would continue on being  MOVIES mostly and Sometimes News on a more irregular basis.


History Of Bridging The Geekdoms Podcast:


Bridging the Geekdoms is Robert Slavinsky and Colton ‘Skinny P’ Bird

The Official launch of Bridging the Geekdoms is April 1st 2018 however the obstacles getting to that point is what makes this little Podcast’s journey so interesting.

Robert for years attempted to break into the Podcast world trying his hand in politics, the spooky and weird, and even sports. It wasn’t until he realized in 2016 that he would be best suited to talk about what he was passionate about, movies, television, and all things nerdy. With a little help from a couple of his friends The Remote Control Podcast was born. Robert’s love for all things nerdy made things easy when deciding what to discuss from show to show for the first couple months. But the issue was staying consistent and being interesting. It wasn’t until coming across a young nerd who seemed to have the same passion as him that things truly got moving. Enter Colton ‘Skinny P’ Bird.  The two hadn’t really known each other, with the exception of the occasional conversations at work about Star Wars or video games, but that didn’t matter, because within days the two of them sat down with a single snowball mic and recorded their first Podcast together in March 2017.   

Since then the Podcast has had its ups and downs most notably hitting a road block in February of 2018 where another Podcast Network pointed out the similarities in our name The Remote Control Podcast and theirs The Remote Control. And after much consideration Bridging the Geekdoms was born on April 1, 2018 to help bring all things Geek together.

The past two years have been quite a ride and we couldn’t be more excited to push forward and see what the future can bring.



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