I wont lie I am a little upset the Defenders are no more (for now).

While the first season of Iron Fist was horrendous season 2 really picked up the slack and made something quite special for the character, despite the actor being horrible. LOL

Luke Cage was exciting, and unfortunately the first season was about 6 episodes too long I was absolutely intrigued and curious on where Power Man was going to go next.

After an amazing first season Jessica Jones slowed down a bit in season 2 but not too much so it was able to get a season 3 (coming soon). And while her final season will be the official end to the Defenders on Netflix it will be bittersweet.

The Punisher WOWED everyone when he showed up on Daredevl season 2 and then raised the bar with his show during season 1. And while season 2 was an abomination of the character and just writing in general. John Bernthal truly owned that role like no other.

Finally we get to Daredevil, the Man without Fear started it all on Netflix and did so in a BIG WAY. Charlie Cox was/is the perfect Matt Murdock and all three seasons truly engrossed every viewer and never let up.

Hopefully we see them again sometime soon. But if not it was an absolute joy getting to live through a time where we got Daredevil, Luke Cage, Danny Rand, Frank Castle, and Jessica Jones on TV for multiple seasons.

who would have ever thought that possible 15 years ago? … Not me!