Television Review: Doom Patrol (DC Universe)

Going into this show I really had very little knowledge on this unlikely group of Heroes. With the exception of the little bit they were on Titans (another DC Universe original) I only knew what I learned from that Wiki site.

One thing you have to remember is the incredibly vulgar and NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 18 these shows have been. Titans was pretty intense with dropping an F-bomb here and there and have a couple sex scenes. Doom Patrol though just turned it up to 11… well maybe not 11…but they definitely took it up a notch.

With all the effs that were flying around it was apparent that not a single one was given. You will see some T&A in here too so it’s best you be prepared for that so not to allow your precious children accidentally see things flopping around.

But onto the show.

WOW! I absolutely was enthralled the entirety of the episode. Not only is this Pilot done well with the narrative but it ‘s emphasis on introducing each of the characters thoroughly and nearly perfectly is something that all shows should take notice with.

Starting with who I think was the best on the first episode, Cliff Steele aka Robot Man (Brilliantly played by Brendan Frasier) has such an amazing story that brings heart, humor, anger, and joy to his character.

Rita Farr aka Elasti-Woman (Portrayed by April Bowlby) also has an incredibly heart string pulling story of who she is.

Larry Trainor aka Negative Man (played by Matt Bomer) Has the coolest powers but has yet to really delve into them.

Finally we have CRAZY Jane (played by Diane Guerrero) has the least amount of story in episode one, but her character grabs you enough to be excited of what she will bring.

We also have the Chief played by Timothy Dalton and Mr. Nobody played by Alan Tudyk who has a small role in the episode.

I don’t want to talk much more about it as it will give away the brilliance that is this Pilot episode. so do your self a favor and go watch it,

((side note, Cyborg has not yet been introduced))