For nearly four years we have all been clamoring at the bit to learn who Rey is in regards to the over all story of the Skywalker Saga. In my opinion we have yet to get clarification on this and until this trilogy is over I refuse to stop with trying to figure out where she comes from. Who doesn’t love a good Rey theory?

So, much like theories in the past from myself or others I will break this down as best as possible and give you a SPOILER WARNING prior to you diving into this here. But remember a large portion of this is based on speculation and what we have already learned in the two films of this trilogy so far.

In 2017 Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi seemed to have cleared this up by a reveal from Kylo Ren in the third act of the film as he is trying to convince Rey to join him in his quest to rule the Galaxy.

Kylo Ren: They were filthy junk traders. Sold you off for drinking money. They’re dead, in a pauper’s grave in a Jakku desert. You had no place in this story. You come from nothing. You’re nothing, but not to me. Join me.

Since this reveal people have been arguing back and forth over the validity of what Kylo was saying. Was it misdirection in hopes that he could get her to join him in ruling the Galaxy? Or was it truthful and Rey’s parents were simply drunken junk traders and she is truly a nobody in the grand scheme of things?

If we take a look at this specific quote the only possible clue we have would lead us to it being misdirection.

“They’re dead, in a pauper’s grave in a Jakku desert.”

But according to Rey’s vision in The Force Awakens she witnesses them fly away as she is being pulled by Unkar Plutt.

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So, was it just misdirection then?

If we really want to discover that we are going to have to wait until Star Wars Episode IX releases December 2109 But what I am going to do is take a look at different aspects of what was and what could have been with the Star Wars saga.

To do that we need to go back all the way to The Empire Strikes Back.

Contrary to belief George Lucas made a lot of the Star Wars story and lore up as he went.  Did he have an idea and potentially an outline how to get from points A to Z? Probably, any good storyteller will explain how important having an outline is. But for the specific details of the films he allowed the story to progress as fluidly as possible.

One such case of this is the first reveal in The Empire Strikes back while Luke is leaving Dagobah in an attempt to rescue his friends and confront Vader Obi-Wan and Yoda have this exchange…

Image result for Yoda there is another

Obi-Wan: “That boy is our last hope.”
Yoda: “No…there is another…”

The “Other” Yoda speaks of was discovered in Return of the Jedi to be Luke’s twin sister Leia Organa. Or at least that is what Obi-Wan (and George Lucas) wanted Luke and the fans to believe.

This is where things begin to get interesting and could actually fix a continuity error created by the Prequels which is “How would Kenobi forget about Leia? He held her in his arms.”

Now, prior to Return of the Jedi being made George Lucas actually had a completely different character in mind as “The Other”  this would have been a character that would continue his saga through episodes not only in episode 6 but also the following films (potentially) episodes 7-12.

(Small side note: Palpatine was never supposed to show up until the very end of the Saga, which in early drafts of Episode 6 was originally going to be Episode 9 or 12. That number is still up for debate)

The reason things were changed though was to give the trilogy a complete story leaving no loose threads or unanswered questions. Something both George Lucas and Lawrence Kasdan agreed on while writing Return of the Jedi.

Back on point though, who was this “other” that Yoda originally spoke of?

Well, according to actor Sam Witwer, while talking on an episode of Rebel Force Radio, in early drafts of Return of the Jedi George Lucas intended to have another offspring of Vader in a different part of the Galaxy.

If you are worried about the validity of Witwer’s comments rest assured that he has been part of the Star Wars family as far back as the early 2010’s and has been a staple in the saga from Video Games, cartoons, and films.

So with that said what does this all mean?

Well, let’s begin to piece this all together. Everything we have learned here and know from the sequel trilogy you may begin to see where I am going with this.

Since Lucasfilm became part of the Disney family they have made many changes to the lore of Star Wars. And while they have absolutely shoved aside many stories they have also been pulling some of the interesting and best ideas out of the past that were long forgotten or removed putting them back into the fold of this great franchise.

This could ABSOLUTELY be a similar scenario and one that would help give closure of the Skywalker lineage and potentially the Saga films.

The idea of another offspring of Vader in the Galaxy is just too good to not explore adding that idea to how Rey is extremely attuned to the Force much like Anakin was, her connection to Anakin’s lightsaber and how it calls out to her, and lets not forget the visions in which connects her to Vader, Luke, Obi-Wan, and Yoda.

Further more we have the idea that Kylo and Snoke  seem to know who she is as it is alluded to multiple times during The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.

Image result for kylo ren what girl
“What Girl!”

So, how are these connect and why are they connected?

No, if you still believe she is Luke or Leia’s daughter you are sadly mistaken. And unfortunately, her connection to Kenobi is not because she is a descendant of his.

However, that doesn’t mean our favorite characters Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewy don’t know who she is.

As shown in Star Wars Battlefront II Luke Skywalker, after/during the fall of the Empire, had gone treasure hunting of sorts for things related to the Force both Dark and Light. What if  Luke stumbled upon a Force sensitive being during those adventures or while setting up his new Jedi Temple that happened to also be a descendant of Anakin Skywalker?

Could the jealousy within Ben Solo been implanted by Snoke using this information that the other descendant of Vader would be more powerful than he could be? Is this the darkness that Luke sensed in his young Padawan?

Now you are asking how Rey got to Jakku…right? Well, this descendant of Vader has a child while training with Luke and during Ben’s destruction she is whisked away and taken to Han and or Leia to be hidden away from Ben, Snoke, and the Knights of Ren.

Image result for Knights of Ren
Kylo and the Knights of Ren destroying Luke’s Jedi Temple

Luke, whether he knew or not who Rey was on Ach Too is irrelevant. His journey led him to a point in his life where he believed the Jedi had to end. Revealing something like this to her would only go against what his view is at this point thus explains why he would not say anything.

Han and Leia know who she is, without a doubt, but they are not just protecting her but their son as well. Remember he killed her parents.

As we piece this together we begin to see how this could explain why Kylo knows who Rey is, her affinity for the Force, and her connection to all things Skywalker.

It’s because she is Skywalker, just not the daughter of Luke or Leia but a descendant of Anakin Skywalker.

So what do you think, is it plausible? It’s better than the cloning idea, deeper than the Luke’s daughter theory, and better than a Kenobi or Palpatine connection. Sound off in the comments or reach me on twitter @BridgeGeekdoms