Seemingly since the release of 2017’s Justice League, fans have been demanding a release of a Snyder cut with the #ReleasetheSnyderCut campaign. While there are reasons to make us believe that this version is nothing but a pipe dream it seems, almost like clockwork, that we get more information regarding what Snyder had planned on a monthly basis. And not just from his Justice League film, that was nearly completely re-shot by Joss Whedon, but also for what was to come in his following films. Now, thanks to Director Kevin Smith we are now getting a fuller picture of what Snyder had envisioned for his DC arc and belief in the Snyder cut is once again reinvigorated.

The past two years we have heard from those close to Snyder and the project who have claimed a Snyder version exists or that Zack had a grand plan that would be something to truly behold. Things such as Darkseid, Apokolipse, the death of Batman, and even the birth of Lois and Clark’s son. In early January 2019 Snyder unveiled his design of a T-shirt for his suicide prevention campaign and it had quite a cryptic puzzle on it basically spelling out his vision with weird symbols. (I encourage you all to check out the article that covers this. It will BLOW YOUR MIND)


If you haven’t heard yet, Director Kevin Smith spoke on his Fatman Beyond podcast this week of some conversations he had with those who worked on the Justice League and Josstice League films who saw storyboards drawn out by the great Jim Lee planning out Snyder’s overall story for his five film arc. If you weren’t aware Zack initially had a multipicture deal which would have given him the chance to tell a contained story over the course of five films all starting with Man of Steel and ending with an, until now, unknown film.

Smith explains everything a little like this.

While on the set of the upcoming Star Wars film Smith spoke with those who worked on Justice League and also the nicknamed Josstice League. They explained they saw storyboards which showed Justice League 1 having the same big bad, Steppenwolf, but at the end Darkseid appearing and setting up the next film, Justice League 2. Also a cut scene within JL was one where a Green Lantern is introduced. Originally the scene with Alfred fixing the car and he says something like “He said that you would come…” that was actually supposed to be a Green Lantern there.

Justice League 2 would have taken the Leaguers to space taking the fight to Darkseid on Apokolipse and possibly New Genesis. Ultimately this would be the “Empire Strikes Back” of the JL films where the heroes lose and must race back to Earth to protect it from the devastation left by Darkseid and his army in the next film, Justice League 3, which until now was the unknown film.

Justice League 3 takes place on planet Earth and is not much different than that of the Knightmare scene from Bruce’s dream in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It’s here the League has to come together to find a way to defeat Darkseid and restore the Earth.


Now, if we add that to the tidbits we have gotten over the course of the last two years things are beginning to fall in place and make so much more sense with why things happened as they did in BvS, and to some small extent, Justice League.

Now, at this point it’s safe to assume we will never get to see this pan out in movie form and even the Snyder cut of Justice League, while the #ReleasetheSnydercut campaign will forever be going strong, will never see the light of day if it truly does exist. It’s time for DC to make it up to those who supported Snyder and the films to this point. So instead of demanding the release of a film we will never get (sadly) let’s see if they can get behind the idea of taking what Snyder had planned out by bringing the legendary Jim Lee on board and giving us a multi-book comic of the Snyder-verse. This should be something everyone on both sides should be able to get behind…right?