Reviewed by Colton Bird


Sandra Bullock as Malorie

Trevante Rhodes as Tom

Vivien Lyra Blair as Girl

Julian Edwards as Boy



There’s nothing overly special about the way this film is shot. It’s nothing revolutionary or that stands out, it just does what it needed to do for the film.



The film only uses three songs in the entirety of its run time. Being composed by Trent Reznor, of Nine Inch Nails, and Atticus Ross, known to collaborate with Reznor, is kind of a letdown. There’s nothing noteworthy or memorable, and with the limit of songs is extremely disappointing. With the flow of the movie, certain musical pieces could have been made to enhance the experience.


The main track for the film is:

Elephant Music – Rakasha (Richard Schreiber)


And the three tracks in the film are:

Coming Down – Dum Dum GirlsI

Say a Little Prayer – Dionne Warwick

Piano Sonata No 47 in B Minor, HOB. XVI: 32 – Il Menuet – Ben Lester


Spoiler- Free Review:

As an unknown being attacks mankind, making them commit suicide, a woman and her two kids must brave the apocalypse to find a safe haven.


Spoiler Review:

In the wilderness, Malorie Hayes, sternly tells two unnamed children that they will be going on a dangerous journey down a river in a boat. Malorie strictly instructs them to not remove their blindfolds or else they will die.

Five years prior, a pregnant Malorie and her sister Jessica discuss a strange news story regarding mass suicides throughout Europe. At a doctor’s office, following Malorie’s pregnancy checkup, Malorie sees a woman committing suicide when she bangs her head into a glass panel. As panic and chaos erupt in the city, the two try to escape in order to get to safety.  Jessicas eyes fill with tears as Malorie is bent over in her chair, she suddenly crashes her car, flipping it. An injured Malorie is horrified when Jess gets out and steps in front of a large truck, killing herself.

Malorie is rescued from a panicked mob by a woman named Lydia and is led to a survivor group hiding in a nearby house, though Lydia begins to hear her mother and gets into a burning vehicle, killing herself. With media and communications off-line, the group tries to figure out what has happened, and assume that simply seeing the entities can cause humans to commit suicide. The group covers all the windows and a survivor named Greg uses the house’s security cameras to see outside, believing a digital image of the entities will not harm him, as one entity slides into the frame of the camera, Greg begins beating his head off the desk and breaks his own neck.

With a diminished food supply, Malorie and four other survivors head to a nearby supermarket in search for food. They black out the car’s windows and navigate with its proximity sensors and GPS. Inside the store, Malorie rescues some pet birds and Douglas suggests that they stay in the supermarket, abandoning those who had stayed at the house, but the others reject this idea.

Hearing someone call for help, Tom opens a loading dock door to let a man into the store. As the door opens, the birds begin to screech, apparently sensing the entities without seeing them. The large man, whom Charlie indicates is somewhat mentally ill, begins to say how beautiful it is and how the others should see. He attempts to force himself through the door, Charlie suddenly runs and pushes the man and himself through the doors, which the others close, making the ultimate sacrifice.

After returning to the house, Lucy and Felix depart with the car, leaving the others with no means of transportation or access to additional food. Soon thereafter, Olympia, who is also pregnant, lets a wandering survivor, Gary, into the house against Douglas’s will. Gary tells of people who looked at the entities but survived due to being insane, and are now compelled to force unaffected humans to look at the entities. When both Olympia and Malorie go into labor, Gary reveals himself to be one of the insane and he strikes Tom unconscious, removes all the coverings from the windows and slaughters Douglas after forcing Olympia and a middle-aged survivor Cheryl to commit suicide. Tom awakens and kills Gary, saving Malorie and the two newborns.

Years later, Tom and Malorie are living as a couple with the children, whom  Malorie calls only Boy and Girl, when they receive a transmission from a group stating that they are in a safe “community” downriver. Malorie spends most of her time strictly teaching the kids how to search and survive without their eyes, showing no emotional attachment to either of them.  Tom wants to go, but Malorie fears it is a trap.

Shortly after the transmission, a group of armed insane survivors discover the house. The four blindfold themselves and flee, but Tom soon realizes that the men will catch them and he sacrifices himself by taking off his blindfold, enabling him to see and kill their pursuers with a gun before he eventually sees the entities and shoots himself in the head. Seeking a new shelter, the blindfolded trio, carrying supplies and the birds, find a rowboat and head downriver.

During a 42-hour journey, Malorie and the children lose their supplies in the water, kill an insane attacker who tries to rip off their blindfolds so they can see how beautiful it is, and capsize in raging rapids. Surviving that, they leave the boat and walk blindly through the forest. The entities tempt them by mimicking the voices of loved ones but they resist and finally reach their destination. Seeing through the trap, Malorie finally shows emotion screaming for the beings to leave her kids alone. Upon following different noises the children were taught to make, Malorie finds them and they continue to push through the forest as the entities start to close in on them.

Malorie learns that the “community” is actually a school for blind, and therefore immune, students. Amongst the sighted survivors is Dr. Lapham, Malorie’s pregnancy doctor. Malorie releases the birds and finally gives the children names, Olympia for the girl, after her mother, and Tom for the boy.




The film is scattered, jumping between modern day and the beginning of the apocalypse. The actors for the most part are forgettable and cliché, leaving no real attachment to anyone. With a plot that’s predictable and an unseen monster, I wouldn’t put this film on a priority list but if you have nothing better to do then it’s a decent watch.