While the main focus for the 100th episode of The Flash was to take a trip down memory lane, it didn’t come without any surprises or reveals. One of which, in my opinion, sets things in motion not only for the remainder of season 5 but of the overall series moving forward.

So, what is this big moment I speak of? 

Well, the revelation that Nora West-Allen is working with, at least in some capacity, the future Eobard Thawne.

It was always expected that there would be some sort of twist or surprise with this season, it’s what you should look for in this show.

But this, this was  unexpected.

Since we had our first glimpse of Nora waaay back in episode four of last season there were questions we had about who she was and where she came from. Her journal, which we have seen a handful of times since season 4, has been one of those areas of curiosity.

Finally in episode 100 Sherloque (God have I started to hate this trope) begins to really suspect there is something more with Nora than what she has been telling everyone.

Let’s face it, she has lied more times than not since showing up.

But what really sets Sherloque off is that diary that Nora keeps. Interesting enough it appeared in this episode that it was this book that gave her the idea for Barry to go back in time to collect all the necessary pieces to counter Cicada’s dagger.

Throughout the episode we see Sherloque investigating his suspicion of her eventually stealing Nora’s diary and using Cisco’s computer to decipher the language which according to Nora is one she created to remember things in time if the timeline changes.

the message they uncover is “The Timeline is Malleable.”

But what does it all mean!?

Well that is where things begin to get a little tricky and brings us to the big surprise of the episode.

Image result for flash 100 episode NOra and Eobard

As the show is wrapping up we see Nora deliver a message from her diary by traveling forward in time and meeting with none other than Eobard Thawne…the Reverse Flash.

It appears he is in some sort of holding cell with a contraption on his chest, maybe to keep him from phasing or speeding away???

So, Nora shows up a saying to him “We need to talk” to which he replied “Yes we do.”


I mean that is pretty much the reaction of anyone who watched the episode. So what could be going on here? For some reason people have started to speculate that Nora is actually the Daughter of Eobard and not Barry and Iris.

To that I say….”No, just no.”

Let us look at all of this logically.

Remember earlier in the episode when Barry and Nora are talking to Thawne in the time vault and he mistakenly calls Nora Dawn? It would be easy for fans to think it was simply a nice Easter egg referencing the comics where Barry and Iris have Twins, a boy and girl… the Tornado Twins (yes that is real), which their names are Dawn and Don. So a reference to that name is an easy *wink* moment for them to use there….or is it?

Let’s say that wasn’t a simple Easter egg and there is more to it.

After Thawne “mistakenly calls her Dawn he” is corrected that her name is actually Nora says and he replies after a short pause “At least you still have one.”


You could  take that has him making a reference to the fact Barry’s mother’s name was Nora and that he has one Nora in his life still OR  you could look at it as him making mention that Barry and Iris actually have multiple children… possibly twin girls?

Either way I believe this is the moment Eobard puts Nora’s existence into the back of his head for  use at a later date.

Now, so far we know Nora’s driving force is her father. She hardly knew him and she wants nothing more than to build a relationship with him.

She also has pent up anger for her mother put a dampening device on her which kept her from using her speed for most of her life.

So this begs the question, if Barry disappeared so early on in her life, who taught her how to be a speedster?

Well, none other than Eobard Thawne of course.

From what we know about Thawne is that everything he does is for him and only himself. He is a master manipulator and will do anything to preserve his existence. And while I am sure this will all begin to unfold over the next few months I don’t think it is out of the realm of possibilities that we will find out that Thawne manipulated Nora into helping him in exchange for teaching her how to utilize the speed force or, to help her bring Barry back…. because well, you can’t really have one without the other.

For the sake of time I will go with the former here and say it was in exchange for teaching Nora how to use her abilities. It is here where sweet little naive Nora believes that she can outsmart the Reverse Flash and save her father on her own. Hence why Thawne is so eager to have this talk with her at the end of the episode… He sees what she is trying to do.

So Nora, innocent and malleable in her own way, has fallen for this ruse by Thawne, will she get what she wants? Probably…but we have to believe it will be at the cost of something important to her….. Iris, Dawn???? (I so want Dawn and the Twins idea to be a thing.)

With all that said, Nora is not a secret BIG BAD this season, her intentions when it comes to her desires are pure and true. However, the way she is executing them is where things get tricky. This is where she may experience her loss and could explain the reasoning why Iris puts a device on her to dampen her speed. Because she, without thinking it through, betrays the family by working with Thawne.

This is a HELL of a set up that should make the second half of this season even more fun to watch but most of all by bringing Thawne back into the mix raises the stakes of where the show is headed to even more….

What did you think and what are your theories on all this?