Television Review Titans – Episode One (Dc Universe)

I’m not going to lie, for as much as I was excited for this show I was just as nervous about it. The look of some of the characters (Starfire in particular) scared me. The portrayal of Raven looked to be misguided and the overall tone seemed as dark if not more so than that of the Snyder DC films. And that was all gathered from the few trailers and clips that we got in the months leading up to the premier.

So how was the first episode you ask?

Well let’s see, the pacing of the episode is a bit strange and seems the writers (Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns and Greg Berlanti) didn’t quite understand how to transition the introduction of the characters…. Or it could have been director Brad Anderson who didn’t quite know how to handle this. Either way this is my biggest quarrel with the episode. It just felt choppy and odd at times with the transitions between characters.

So with that let’s get into the characters a bit here.

Rachel Roth (Raven), played by 14 year old actress Teagan Croft, was a concern of mine. She didn’t quite fit the idea of a live action Raven that I had in mind when watching the trailers. However, she completely pulls it off. She is scared, unsure, and lost within her own body. She feels something is inside of her but has no idea what it is. It really seems that her and her story will be the main catalyst for the first season of Titans and if the first episode is any indication of here capabilities throughout the show….well I’m sold.

Dick Grayson (Robin), Played by Brenton Thwaites is brutal and damaged. Moving to Detroit to get away from Batman for fear of turning into his former mentor he finds himself struggling with continuing his mission of being a vigilante or being a simple detective for the Detroit PD. A story point that may become something more  as he gets to know Rachel. Oh and the F*ck Batman scene…. WOW! Absolutely brutal.

Kory Anders (Starfire), played by Anna Diop was easily the most controversial part of all the promotional material shown for the show. Her wardrobe made her look like a prostitute and she didn’t appear to have the demeanor that fans were looking for when they were looking for Starfire…The bubbly, over anxious, and ignorant teen… But I have to say that I was fully impressed with what she brought to the table. Her wardrobe completely makes sense for her story thus far and her personality, while not exactly like that of what we are used to from Starfire thanks to the cartoons, is actually intriguing and something that I am more than excited to see play out.

Finally we have Garfield Logan (Beast Boy), play by Ryan Potter. Honestly I figured Beast Boy would be the most difficult and most expensive character to have on this show and at least with the first episode they address this by simply showing him for all of 30 seconds…..maybe. So, not really much I can say about him in regards to his character.

Overall the story is solid and something I definitely look forward to continue watching. Like I said above the story seems to be revolving around Raven and her discovering who she is…but it also seems like the other characters will be on a similar journey as they look to find their place in this world.

If you haven’t yet I highly suggest you check out the first episode now and then come back and let us know what you thought.