The Incredibles 2 Review:

I’ll keep this review spoiler free, for a full review, spoilers and all, check out this weeks episode of Bridging the Geekdoms!

Let me start this off with saying that the film was definitely worth the fourteen year wait for its release. The lead voices of the film even poke fun of this before the film even begins.

The Incredibles 2 focuses around Elastigirl trying to restore the worlds love for super heroes, all while Mr. Incredible fills the roll of a stay at home dad.

Do stay for after the credits, for there is a scene. It’s nothing major but it is a nice little scene.

This film is everything I’d expect from a Pixar film, it’s light-hearted, fun, and at times downright hilarious. It’s enough to keep the kids entertained along with adults that are returning to the franchise after its hiatus.

Make sure to check it out!