Solo: A Star Wars Story (Non-Spoiler)

The second Standalone Star Wars movie had a good bit to live up to. The previous standalone, Rogue One, was positively received and set the bar for what a non-Skywalker story could be. And while Rogue One had its issues while filming, it doesn’t compare to the whirlwind of, or to be more accurate HURRICANE, of issues that Solo had.

For the first time in my life I found myself not very excited to see a Star Wars film. I didn’t believe this film needed made, I felt that Lucasfilm was going for $$$ instead of treating the fans to something good and interesting.

Was I wrong?


The story is somewhat different for a Star Wars film as its essentially a Heist film. Han, played by Alden Ehrenreich, is a positive thinking young man who sees nothing but a bright future for himself and his closest friend Qi’Ra, played brilliantly by Emilia Clarke. From there I can’t say much more in fear of spoiling even the littlest of details but this film does deliver on many of Han’s back story elements that we have all grown up hearing in the earlier films.

With that, the film is filled with twists and turns, some predictable while others…oh boy… well are a HUGE pleasant and intriguing surprise.

Alden’s portrayal of Han was a little rough at first but seemed to fit the movie pretty well…. and by the end you are all in with him playing the Hot Shot smuggling Pirate we all met in Episode IV.

The visuals and even some of the subtle nods to the greater universe were spot on.

Musically this film was different, and while I can sit here and say I LOVED the music… I feel I need to listen to it a bit more to give a real review of that aspect. I will say this though. there are two times in the movie where the music gave me a HUGE grin.

Overall this movie was A LOT better than I was expecting. There is no sign of any issues when it came to directing or acting that I could see. While a couple characters were maybe under utilized and some over bearing (both done for effect I believe) This movie is solid and absolutely ranks in the middle of the pack with Star Wars films.

To get the full feel of this film I beg of you to stay away from spoilers. I don’t know how Lucasfilm pulled it off but when you see it….. you will know what I mean.

Go see it, enjoy it and for the love of God people, stop being so critical with Star Wars movies.